Youth Ministries

Youth and Families

Supporting and holding each others’ strengths and weaknesses

Our Vision

Is to be a safe place for middle and high school students to explore their faith, where they want to bring their friends and come back time and time again.

Email List

A Youth and Families email is sent every week with important information. A schedule for the remainder of 2022 will be shared in mid-September.

Contact David Germer at to be added to that list, or with any questions.


The youth group of FPCA – a community of 6th through 12th graders and adult advisors – meets regularly to connect and have fun, to learn and grow, to worship and serve, to wrestle with big questions and, to share a variety of experiences.

Our gatherings are safe places for middle and high school students to explore their faith, where they want to bring their friends and come back time and time again. We value kindness and inclusivity, openness and curiosity, and supportive friendship; and we hold a commitment to Jesus as our teacher and guide.

Typical Schedule

This year we are experimenting with a rotating schedule that will often look like the following schedule.

Check weekly emails for current updates.

1st Sunday: Middle School OR High School only, OR Presbytery youth event.

2nd Sunday: 9:45 am Breakfast Club youth gathering in youth room – food and discussion. Youth Choir with lunch at 12:15 pm, after worship. Parents are invited to a special gathering for parents during the Faith Formation hour.

3rd Sunday: Youth Choir (4:15 pm), Dinner (5:30 pm), Youth Group for all ages (ending at 7:15 pm)

4th Sunday: Service/Mission – times and locations TBA (either side of 4:15 pm youth choir)


Want to officially become a member of the church? Want to put words on what it is you believe?

Youth Resources

Gratitude Journal: Write for 5 minutes each day things that you are grateful for, capture pictures, draw, include songs or poetry, tell stories.

God sightings: Each day, take some time to share with others or write down for yourself where you have seen and/or experienced God. How has God shown up in your life?

Anne Lamott books, Mandala Prayer and Contemplation: Visit this link to print out a mandala(s) of your choice. Then, using, markers, crayons, and/or colored pencils, color in the mandala. As you’re coloring, utilize this time to center yourself. Pray. Meditate. Contemplate. Use this quiet and concentrated space to be in conversation with God. (For those interested, check out this book as well: Praying with Mandalas: A Colorful, Contemplative Practice.)

There’s an app for that:

D365, Insight timer, Head Space, Calm, 5 Minutes of Gratitude

Parent Resources

Mark Yaconneli – The Hearth Community – Storytelling

How to Handle A Rude Teen

Praying in Color Blog

TalkSpace | Betterhelp Online counseling that accepts most health insurance plans Discuss your teen’s issue or situation with a therapist, then connect your teen and therapist through the app. Counseling is confidential but the therapist will alert you if an intervention is required.

Faithful Families: Creating Sacred Moments at Home by Traci Smith – Ideas for how to practice faith at home through simple traditions, ceremonies, and spiritual practices

Sticky Faith: Everyday Ideas to Build Lasting Faith in Your Kids by Kara Powell

Sticky Faith Guide for Your Family by Kara Powell – Practical ideas for faith at home

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth – A great read on how to help children succeed and how to apply these lessons to ourselves.

I Wonder, Engaging a Child’s Curiosity About the Bible by Elizabeth Caldwell – A thoughtful guide for helping children engage the Bible

How to Raise an Adult by Julie Lythcott-Haims

Parenting Forward by Cindy Wang Brandt

Raising White Kids by Jennifer Harvey

Devotions by Mary Oliver – Lovely book of poems that can be read around the table or at other times in a family’s day

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