Women’s Studies Programs 2023-2024

Women’s Studies at FPCA is for women who want to have a deeper discussion around topics that affect women and our community.  All women are invited for some or all of the gatherings. All meetings have a pot luck meal. September and May meetings are at 5:30 pm and the others are at 10:30 am. Invite friends and make friends!

September Meeting:

What impact has the Dobb’s decision had on Planned Parenthood in the North Carolina area? Come hear Nikki Harris, the South Atlantic Director of Philanthropy discuss this impact at a potluck dinner on September 21, 5:30 pm, FPCA Fellowship Hall.

October Meeting:

“When you have to have it.” Margaret Whitt will share how she began collecting art, how art speaks to her, and how she accidentally became an art collector at a personal and interactive exploration of her art collection shown in the FPCA Gallery. This conversation will go even deeper into her thoughts and feelings as she has collected these interesting pieces.  Come for a Pot Luck Brunch on October 19, 2023, 10”30 am in the FPCA Fellowship Hall.

November Meeting

This month the Women’s Studies participants will visit Delta House, a program on South French Broad Avenue begun by a group of women 40 years ago. The Delta House provides services for middle and high school students called LEAAP (Learning through Extended Academics and Arts Programs.) Lunch at a local restaurant to follow.

January Meeting

Women’s Studies has a rich history at FPCA and this month we will have the opportunity to hear from the founders! Rev. Margaret Peery, Rev. Beth Duttera Neuman, and D’Etta Leach will share the inspiration and goals.  Jan. 18, 10:30 am, FPCA Fellowship Hall.

February Meeting

Do you ever wonder if you are living up to your potential? As our lives are getting longer, are you doing what you can with the time you have been gifted? In her book, “The Time is Now,” Joan Chittister challenges readers to confront complacency, and consider their own personal growth, community building, and social justice. Reading of the book is suggested! Feb. 15, 10:30 am pot luck at a member’s home. RSVP for address/location.

March Meeting

Road Trip! We will carpool down to the Swannanoa Valley Museum and History Center in Black Mountain for the Appalachian Music Exhibit. This exhibit features those who “made music” in the area from 1895 to 1970, complete with recordings, films, musical instruments, and historical interpretations.  March 21. 10:30 am. RSVP for details.

April Meeting

Where does Asheville stand with reparations? The Asheville Reparations Commission has b een working ot make recommendations to address the creation of generational wealth and ot boost economic mobility and opportunity in the Black community. They have been approved to fund a “Stop the Harm” audit to assess whether it is still occurring. April 19. 10:30 am. Pot luck brunch at a member’s home. RSVP for location.

May Meeting

Banned Books: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How did we get here? What is the big deal? May 16. 5:30 pm pot luck dinner at Givens Estates. RSVP for location.

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