Change of plans for November’s Racial Justice Book Club:

Instead of reading Faithful Antiracism, the group has decided to do a writing activity that comes from a book we recently read, How to Fight Racism by, Jemar Tisby. We will read Faithful Antiracism sometime in 2023, so if you already purchased your book, just hold onto it.

If you don’t like to write, I understand – you don’t have to participate 🙂

Here is the activity for those who are interested:

In Jemar Tisby’s book How to Fight Racism, Tisby talks about how important it is to understand your personal history of race. He recommends that you write your own story so you can really examine your feelings about race. Tisby says, “you may be oblivious to the racial traumas you are carrying or the prejudices you harbor.” Tisby gives some suggestions for how to write your story in Chapter 3 of his book. Grab your copy of the book and skim through Chapter 3 to see how to complete this writing activity.

You will write your story (it doesn’t have to be more than a couple of paragraphs) and we will meet to discuss it on November 19th at 10:00 am during our normal book club time. You DO NOT have to share your story – that’s completely optional. I understand that this is an intensely personal exercise. When we come together as a group, we can share what we wrote OR we can just discuss the process. How did it feel to do this? What memories came up for you? Was it easy? Difficult? Painful? Helpful? Cathartic? Just be ready to talk about the process whether or not you decide to share.

Email Tracey Gruver at for any additional information.

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