Loaves and Fishes November 15 – December 19, 2022 

Giving Gifts That Matter!

Since 2001, Loaves & Fishes has been an important way to make a difference in the lives of many in our community.
Spread the word to others and say “YES!” to giving gifts that truly matter this holiday season!

Ways to Participate

This year we will honor our partner agencies and ministries
with online orders and to pay for orders

and in-person orders on
Sunday, December 4, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
at First Presbyterian Church of Asheville
with brunch in the Fellowship Hall.

Our participants have provided videos and information about their good work.
Videos links will be available below.

Review the work and mission of our participants, and place your order online. Note the contribution amount for each ministry and the number of acknowledgment cards/inserts you would like. After you’ve paid for those you wish to support, we will either email you a PDF insert to print out at home and place in your own holiday cards, or prepare holiday cards and agency/ministry insert cards for you to pick up at First Presbyterian Church of Asheville.

100% of the funds donated will support the agencies.

Racial Justice Coalition

Click here to watch the Racial Justice Coalition video

The Racial Justice Coalition (RJC) is a broad-based alliance of individuals and organizations committed to addressing systemic racism and state-sanctioned violence against Black people and those most impacted by poverty, criminalization, and mass incarceration. Through grassroots-led organizing and community collaborations, the RJC seeks to achieve and sustain deep equity by building power to those historically underrepresented, dismantling policies and institutions that uphold racism, and reimagining a community where justice exists for all people.


Website and social media:

Contact: Fel Marquez     fel@rjcavl.org

Working Wheels

Click here to watch Working Wheels’ Video.

Working Wheels provides affordable, reliable transportation to local families in need. We do this because we know that a dependable car opens the doors to education, employment, access to healthcare, and an improved quality of life. We offer 2 programs: the Vehicle Purchase Program and the Vehicle Repair Program. For the Vehicle Purchase Program, we repair and refurbish donated cars and sell them for $500 to working families. For the Vehicle Repair Program, we offer deeply discounted vehicle repairs for people who cannot afford to repair a vehicle they already own.


Website and social media:

Contact: Jamie Beasley      jamie@workingwheelswnc.org


Click here to watch the CiMA’s Video

Mission: Compañeros Inmigrantes de las Montañas en Acción (CIMA) connects, strengthens, and organizes communities to take action for immigrants’ rights in Western North Carolina. Our organization is passionately dedicated to addressing the political-social context of the Latinx immigrant community through community defense, outreach, and education. We seek to create an integrated, informed, and prepared community in which people take care of each other and build collective power.

Website and social media::

Website:           http://cimawnc.org/
Facebook:        https://www.facebook.com/cimawnc

Contact: Bruno Hinojosa Ruiz       bruno@cimawnc.org

Project NAF – Nurturing Asheville Families

Click here to watch Project NAF’s Video.

Mount Zion Community Development has been providing services, case management, and support to pregnant and post-partum African American women and their children through Project NAF since 1998. Project NAF has been cited as a National Community Initiative Model to Eliminate Health Disparities, led by the U. S. Bureau of Primary Health Care.

Website and social media:

Contact:  Belinda K. Grant      belindakgrant@mzcd.info

Appalachian Regional Ministry

The Appalachian Regional Ministry is a mission effort from Trinity Church to help our neighbors through a partnership. Our objective is to form a long-term collaboration with a group already striving to meet the needs of their community. When we met with local ministers and listened, we found these problems of poverty exist in the Appalachian area: inadequate food supply, shelter, warmth, and many other issues related to families who are unable to provide for themselves.

Contact: Tom Goodrich      tegoodrich@gmail.com

Church of the Advocate/The Red Door

The Red Door Ministry at The Church of the Advocate was established in 1997, making it one of the earliest to serve the marginalized and unhoused people in Asheville’s downtown. On Tuesdays, you will find us opening The Red Door for Lectio Divina (meditative service focusing on the Holy Scriptures), along with a community brunch with snacks, mental health counseling, and a place to simply “just be.” On Sundays, we offer a safe and sacred space for our congregation to enjoy conversation, creative expression through art, and celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Our “Good Works!” work crews serve non-profit organizations in the greater Western North Carolina area that serve the greater good for all. Our program offers dignity through work and supportive counseling to those ready to move forward.

Website and social media:

Contact: Brad A. Wilson      bwilson@reddooravl.org

Haywood Street Congregation

Click here to watch Haywood Street Congregation’s video.

Haywood Street Congregation pursues our mission — relationship, above all else — in the context of programs that help address the needs of individuals who are unhoused or living in poverty. Our core programs include the Downtown Welcome Table, which provides more than 1,000 meals each week; the Haywood Street Respite, where unhoused adults can rest and continue healing after a hospital stay; a community garden; and our haircutting ministry. All our programs are offered free to our community. we envision a community where people of privilege and people struggling in poverty enter into authentic relationships with one another, and each person recognizes him or herself as having both gifts and needs.



Website and social media:

Contact: Katlyn Zulinke Mailman      katlyn@haywoodstreet.org


Click here to watch the YWCA’s video.

Established in 1907, YWCA Asheville is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. We offer programs and advocate for policy change to advance racial justice, empower women, promote health, and nurture children.



Website and social media:

Contact: Sydney Cole      Sydney.Cole@ywcaofasheville.org

Pisgah Legal Services

Click here to watch the Pisgah Legas Services’ video.

At Pisgah Legal Services, we believe that justice is for everyone, not just those who can afford a lawyer. We provide a broad array of free, civil legal aid, anti-poverty advocacy, and access to health care in the 18-county mountain region. Pisgah Legal helps people with low incomes meet basic needs, including protection from domestic violence, prevention of homelessness, and access to health care. Each year, Pisgah Legal’s advocates and volunteer attorneys help 20,000-plus people across WNC.

Website and social media:

Contact: Ally Wilson      ally@pisgahlegal.org

Creative Peacemakers After-School Program

Click here to watch the Creative Peacemakers’ video.

Peace for Me, Peace for Us, Peace for Everyone, Peace for Our Planet

Mission: To provide free after-school opportunities for children (K-4), growing up in situations of poverty, trauma, and conflict to experience the “no matterwhatness of God’s love,” teaching and modeling peacemaking through creative expression honoring diversity in a loving and nurturing environment. The program is sponsored by St. George’s Episcopal Church in West Asheville at Deaverview Apartments.
Donations help purchase items such as; art and educational materials, healthy snacks/meals, and books to send home.



Website and social media:

Contact: Noel Schwartz     creativepeacemakers@gmail.com

Asheville Poverty Inititive - 12 Baskets Café

Click here to watch the Asheville Poverty Initiative’s video.

Mission: Asheville Poverty Initiative aims to build community and promote economic justice. We believe in eradicating poverty through building relationships through our two programs, Realities in Poverty and 12 Baskets Cafe. These two programs create alternative spaces for conversation, learning, and connection across socio-economic boundaries, to happen.



Website and social media:

Contact: General-     Melva Lowry, interim director      melva@ashevillepovertyinitiative.org
Loaves & Fishes Event –      Kai Naor, cafe program coordinator     contact@ashevillepovertyinitiative.org

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