October 2022

Dear FPCA Family:

“We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.”
(Adapted from Philippians 4: 13)

Flowing from the faithful and imaginative guidance of Rev. Johnson, and with joy, your Stewardship Committee Co-Chairs introduce FPCA’s Stewardship Campaign’s theme for 2023.

What is different about this presentation of Philippians 4:13? How does this statement strike you? Just who is the WE in this adaptation of Philippians 4: 13 for our Stewardship Campaign?

WE are a community of faith, who, through Christ, live joyfully, even on difficult days. WE are folks who, through Christ, marshal resources – our time, talent, and treasure – to give life to our church’s ministries, to reach deeply into communities that we currently serve, and to prayerfully consider how best to leverage new resources that flow to us, through us, and then on to others.

New energy that speaks “gratitude” overflows at FPCA. This year, two associate pastors have joined FPCA leadership. New members join our congregation regularly. The pandemic-forced pivot to on-line worship streaming has created an enduring channel for reaching into the congregation and beyond, providing weekly meaningful ministry – for some 150 folks! Pandemic-forced innovations have sustained FPCA’s engagement with ministries across the life of the church. WE, through Christ, live joyfully and look ahead to the blessings in store in 2023 for this congregation and for the communities we serve.

We invite you to join us in this Stewardship Campaign! Please come and

BE a Part of the WE!

This stewardship packet includes a letter from Rev. Johnson, a narrative budget that shares the story of our church’s ministry, and a pledge form. Your pledge is vital to the FPCA budget-preparation process that is currently underway. As a member of our faith community, consider how your pledge will provide strength for God’s work in our church, our community, and around the world. Everyone is needed to be counted as WE.

Each October worship service includes a stewardship Minute for Mission. Our commitment Sunday will be on November 20, and we ask that you return your pledge form at any point before or on November 20, when during the 11 am worship a special time for pledges will be celebrated. We can submit our pledges in person, by USPS, via the FPCA website, or by church email: lthurston@fpcasheville.org.

WE welcome questions about this Stewardship Campaign; please contact donnaensley101@gmail.com or alice.b.lentz@gmail.com. WE welcome questions about our budget; please contact Liz Thurston, Church Administrator at lthurston@fpcasheville.org. Our gratitude flows to you for your commitment as we walk this journey of faith together.

Donna Ensley, Alice Lentz,
Stewardship Co-Chairs

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