Donald Jackson, renowned calligrapher and artist from Wales, approached Saint John’s Abbey and Saint John’s University in Collegeville MN with his dream of creating the first handwritten and illuminated Bible since the invention of the printing press. Jackson would spend the next seven years collaborating with artist-calligraphers, illuminators, scholars and monks to create the seven volume collection of The Saint John’s Bible.

Jackson and 23 artists employed ancient techniques and materials–including calfskin vellum, goose quills, hand-ground ink, eggs and pigments, 24 karat gold –to create a contemporary masterpiece, an ecumenical approach to the Bible.

We hope you’ll spend time in quiet meditation, admiring the calligraphy and the exquisite illuminations that form a visual reflection of the scriptures and that you will sense the dedication of all those involved in this historic project.

A special thank you to Jane and Dan Vann for their generous donation of this amazing collection to FPCA! The exhibit will continue through the end of May and then the volumes will be in the library.

To learn more about The Saint John’s Bible go to

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