This budget narrative describes how the 2023 budget will fund the ministries and mission of FPCA, including distributing staff salaries proportionately to the areas of ministry they serve.

Congregational Life ‐ $194,166
Congregational Life represents the many ways that the fabric of this congregation is knit together through ministries of hospitality, fellowship, fun, caring, and support. These dollars reflect the 2023 budget for food and hospitality, the all-church retreat, the salary for the Director of Engagement, hospitality support, nursery staff, and a portion of pastoral and administrative salaries devoted to congregational life.

Facilities ‐ $286,765
Since 1841, First Presbyterian has been on Church Street in downtown Asheville. Over 180 years the facility has grown and changed constantly, and today continues to serve as a place of worship, education, hospitality, fellowship, and service. These dollars reflect the 2023 budget for property maintenance, including the Sexton’s salary, custodial services, and the portion of the Church Business Administrator’s salary devoted to property management.

Faith Formation- $148,780
Through classes, small groups, retreats, and other events, we love God with our minds, seeking to strengthen our faith through the study of scripture, theology, and the important questions of our lives and world. These dollars reflect the 2023 budget for Faith Formation programming and curriculum, camps for youth and children, and a portion of pastoral and administrative salaries that reflects the time devoted to faith formation ministry.

Worship ‐ $304,967
In worship, God gathers, nourishes, and sustains the church week by week. This is the heart of our life together. These dollars reflect the 2023 budget for the purchase of music, liturgical art supplies, instrument maintenance, nursery staff for worship, weekly stipends for choral section leaders, the salaries of the Director of Music and Choir Assistant, and a portion of each pastor’s salary.

Mission- $248,540
We reach out to join hands with a wide variety of ministries and organizations, from Eben Ezer church in Guatemala, to the Presbytery of Western North Carolina, to BeLoved Asheville, and many others. These dollars reflect the 2023 budget that will go to support ministry partners, with whom we pray and serve. This amount also reflects support for Saturday Sanctuary, and a portion of pastoral and administrative salaries that is devoted to mission and equipping the congregation for service.

Support Systems- $190,632
If you’ve opened a bulletin, logged into the database, used the website, gotten on a Zoom call, requested a parking sticker, live-streamed worship, or practically anything else, you’ve encountered the support system of the church. These dollars reflect the 2023 budget for database and information management, publications and communications, financial record-keeping and audits, and the increasing need for technology resources. The Communications Assistant’s salary, the Administrative Assistant’s salary, and a portion of the salary for the Church Business Administrator, is also reflected here.

This preliminary budget takes into account our church growth and inflation.

Total: $ 1,373,850

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