Koinonia Groups

Back for their second year, make time for a Koinonia Group this fall. With new and old resources, this year’s groups will continue to help our congregation build meaningful relationships with one another and with our triune God.

What is a koinonia group?

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines koinonia as “spiritual communion and participative sharing in a common religious commitment and spiritual community.”

These groups will be participant based, with a trained facilitator. The curriculum will help participants explore different ways of experiencing the power of God, spiritual practices, the enneagram, and ways to engage scripture.

John Calvin, in his first chapter of his work, The Institutes, highlights the link between knowing God and knowing ourselves. These Koinonia Groups will help participants to learn more about themselves and God, so that they can be formed more into the image of God and do God’s mission in our world.

These groups will meet mid-September-May, twice a month. Participants will strive for faithful attendance and to come prepared for discussion on that week’s readings.

Resources used:

  • Devotional Classics: Selected Readings for Individuals and Groups. Similar themes as Streams of Living Waters from last year, but are actually reading excerpts from writers in the streams. I have attached the table of contents (the second page of the table of contents is at the end for some reason, sorry!) The groups would be invited to ready 1-2 of the readings of the streams for each week to start with and discuss in the meeting.)
  • The Soul Pilgrim: Eight Practices for the Journey Within.  Christine Valters Painter or Spiritual Disciplines Handbook—Adele Calhoun from last year.
  • Spiritual Rhythms for the Enneagram—Adele Calhoun–also from last year.

For more information or to sign up, please reach out to Shannon at sjordan@fpcasheville.org.

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